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Basic principle and working principle of ultrasonic cleaning machine

发布者:灵科超声波 发布时间:2018/7/5

        The principle of ultrasonic cleaning is to transform the electric energy into high frequency ultrasonic wave, and convert the high frequency ultrasonic energy into high frequency mechanical oscillation through the transducer. The liquid in the cleaning tank is subjected to several tens of thousands of high frequency mechanical oscillations per second, and the high frequency alternating sound pressure is formed in the liquid, and the liquid is propagated continuously in the liquid. A number of cavitation bubbles ("cavitation effect") are formed under the action of high frequency alternately, and there is a rapid burst in the interior of the liquid, which keeps vibration of the cavitation bubble in sound waves. It can effectively impact the surface of the dirt at a high frequency, and the dirt is destroyed and stripped layer by layer, thus achieving the cleaning effect.


        The working principle of the ultrasonic cleaning machine is described in detail. It is cleaned by the "cavitation effect" of the liquid. Under the pressure or the pressure of sound, the cavitation bubble will burst quickly and immediately close and close quickly.

        The pressure and the local temperature of the 1012-1013pa are produced by the shock wave around it. The surface of the dirt is broken through the instantaneous destruction pressure produced by the cavitation effect in the ultrasonic liquid, and the adsorbability of the surface of the object and the surface of the cleaning object is repeatedly impacted. The air bubbles are scrubbed on the surface of the object, and the damage will be more and more. The bubbles pass through and vibrate to cause the dirt to break down. Under the action of ultrasonic cavitation bubble, the oil is broken up and dispersed on the surface and emulsified. The solid particles carry off their adhesion and fall off automatically.

        The cleaning machine is completely soaked in the cleaning object, and the cleaning effect is produced in the liquid and the place where the sound field is covered. The effect on the complex surface of the surface is not human. The ultrasonic cleaning can destroy the dirt, the weak, the agitation, the diffusion and the dissolving of the dirt, which can greatly reduce the use of the chemical cleaning machine. Quantity plays a positive role in reducing pollution and protecting the environment.