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Six kinds of welding methods of ultrasonic plastic welding machine

发布者:灵科超声波 发布时间:2018/6/29

1.  welding method: the ultrasonic wave welding machine of the spirit Department converts the high frequency ultrasonic into the mechanical vibration. The high-frequency vibration is transmitted to the welding part through the welding head. The contact surface of the two weldment is melted by the friction between the pressure and the high speed vibration to produce the local high temperature contact surface. After the vibration is stopped, the welding head maintains certain pressure welding parts to cool, and the welds get beautiful, fast and solid welding interface.


2. Embedding method: inserting metal screws or nuts into plastic parts. Through the welding head, the ultrasonic vibration is transmitted to the metal parts, and the plastic is melted under the high speed vibration of the metal parts. The metal is buried in the plastic inside by the pressure of the welding head. The surface plastic is melted, and the plastic is inserted after the plastic cooling and curing.

3. riveting: through the ultrasonic riveting can connect metal and plastic, two pieces of different properties can also be used by ultrasonic riveting, so that the riveting interface is beautiful, strong, and the welding parts are not easy to brittle.


4. spot welding method: the handheld ultrasonic spot welding machine can be welded to various kinds of plastic products, and can be replaced by the whole rack welding head directly on two pieces of plastic work, and the effect of spot welding is obtained.


5. molding method: the ultrasonic welding machine uses the ultrasonic welding head to install the custom mold to melt the plastic workpiece instantaneously, and wait for the plastic workpiece to cool and solidify, then the metal or other material can be formed into one piece.

6. excision method: the ultrasonic welding machine uses the specially designed welding head and base. When the plastic workpiece has just been shot out, the custom welding head is pressed on the extra branches of the plastic. The ultrasonic welding head is the best, the incision is smooth and beautiful.