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Detailed solution of ultrasonic plastic bonding process

发布者:灵科超声波 发布时间:2018/6/25

        The process of ultrasonic plastic bonding is mainly through high frequency electric energy conversion to high frequency mechanical vibration. Through welding head, the mechanical vibration and pressure are applied to two workpiece contact surfaces to friction each other to produce heat solution. After the contact surface of the workpiece is fused, a stable molecular combination is formed, and the workpiece is rapidly cooled and the workpiece is cooled and stabilized after the mechanical vibration is stopped. Here, the strength of the joint is in accordance with the work piece. The following detailedly decomposes the dissolving process of the plastic. Ultrasonic plastic welding machine


1. put the two plastic parts that need to be welded into the bottom mould to confirm the correct position of the fusion interface.

2. pressure pump drives the welding head to contact with the workpiece.

3. the welding head applies the set down pressure on the workpiece, so that the contact surface of the upper and lower workpieces can be attached to a compact state.

4. the power supply box will turn into the high frequency and high voltage signal, and then convert the signal into high frequency mechanical vibration through the transducer system, and the welding head is added to the workpiece through the welding head. The contact surface of the two plastic workpiece will produce high-speed friction. When the temperature rises to the melting point of the plastic, the contact surface is melted quickly, the welding head stops the high-frequency vibration and the workpiece is welding head. Under the pressure of cooling, the plastic workpiece is perfectly welded.