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Die debugging of the loading machine experience

发布者:灵科超声波 发布时间:2016/7/20

Ultrasonic mould is very important in product welding, so it is necessary to do a good job in ultrasonic die testing before welding the product.
Here we come together to experience a few steps of ultrasonic mold debugging:
1, the ultrasonic working pressure, to confirm the pressure gauge, the normal operation of the equipment.
2, using professional wrench tool installed on ultrasonic mould, pay attention to clockwise to loosen, must ensure that the screw die, otherwise they will be easy to burn out the transducer.
3, the power supply is switched on, press and hold the chassis panel sonic test button, pay attention to welding machine above a voice: crisp, hoarse, no noise is better; if there is abnormal sound, stop and check of ultrasonic mold is loose or broken and corresponding processing.
4, through the fastening handle on both sides of the frame, shake head lifting handle, the ultrasonic welding head lifted to a certain height, according to the size of its own products.
5, the fixture (bottom mold) placed on the operating floor, shaking head lifting handle and the pressing to plastic, confirm products and welding head to keep a straight line, no obvious dislocation.
6, will the front panel of the chassis function switch dial to manually adjust the pressure control valve, press the green start button, bonding head down and close to the products to suppress.
7, observe the welding products and contact gap, on the back of the head through the fine adjustment nut to adjust the gap to the best.
8, confirm the welding head and the alignment, tighten the frame handle and the bottom die fixed. Press the red emergency stop button, the nose uplift. Set the function switch to automatic and start the other welding parameters.

Note: in the ultrasonic welding supplier such as not supporting high-quality mold will led directly to the customer product welding process appeared defective, it is recommended choose high-quality suppliers to provide ancillary services, can reduce the risk of appearing in the process of welding, greatly improve the production efficiency, save cost.