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  • electronic components cleaning

    Electronic components often refers to electrical appliances, some parts of the radio, instrumentation and other industrial parts, such as capacitance, the transistor,balance spring, clockwork spring.
    There is high standard in dustproof and antipollution of electronic components in some high precision products,so ultrasonic cleaning machine is widely used to achieve excellent cleaning effect.

  • surgical instruments cleaning

    Surgical instruments in addition to the conventional surgical instruments, there are some other specialized instruments used in orthopedics, plastic surgery, brain surgery,general surgery, and so on.It is high standard cleaning and disinfection to surgical instruments when before and after operation. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment greatly improve the work efficiency and the cleaning effect.

  • daily supplies cleaning

    Because of long time wear jewelry, glasses not only lose luster also contains a lot of
    bacteria.Ultrasonic cleaning effect on the liquid, where in each bubble burst will pr-
    oduce a great shock waves of energy, is equal to the moment of high temperature
    and up to thousands of atmospheric pressure.Shock wave can clean and wash the
    workpiece inside and outside surface, thus it has excellent cleaning effect and does
    not hurt the product itself.

  • Precision hardware cleaning

    It is especially high precise requirement to precise hardware in metal processing precision hardware categories, including precision plastic hardware, precision stamping hardware, precision turning, hardware, etc., So it is relatively high antipollution and dustproof requirements.General tool cleaning takes bad effect, but ultrasonic cleaning machine greatly increase the efficiency to save the cost.