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  • Electronic appliances are seen everywhere in daily life. in the process of
    production, the safety of the integration of electrical and electronic com-ponents must be guranteed and secondary damage can be avoided.Ul-trasonic welding can meet the requirements of high standard of production,
    and greatly improves the production efficiency.

  • Leisure, garden

    Requirements for household appliances apply even more to machines and devices used under outdoor conditions. Typical applications for ultrasonic welding are housings for electrical gardening devices, functional components or lamination of weatherproof roof lining membranes.

  • Household

    Household appliances are robust and reliable devices used on a daily basis. Therefore, safe integration of electrical and electronic components is a prerequisite. Ultrasonic welding is an eminently suitable joining technology for household appliances with their complex geometries, such as electric irons or operating panels.