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  • Surgery instruments, functional components

    Housings of electrical components protect the functionality of the sensitive interior parts. Particularly with complex parts geometries, such as grip plates of surgery tools, ultrasonic welding provides solutions with dimensional accuracy and stability.

  • Wound dressing, bandaging material

    Laminating or perforating different materials for wound dressing so that they remain breathable, sterile and soft – that is possible with ultrasonics. Due to the low energy input, ultrasonic welding does not have any negative effect on absorbency and feel.

  • containers

    Tight and mark-free welding is possible with ultrasonics. The process fulfills absolutely all prerequisites, for example required for blood and dialysis filters. Medical products - many lives depend on their correct functionality

  • decorative lighting

    Lighting plastic enclosure requires good light transmittance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, insulation, high melting point, thermosetting, stable in nature, good plasticity and so on, so the standard is very high in the production process. Ultrasonic technology in the production of most lighting products have a very good effect on the welding.

  • Cable and quick disconnect systems

    Male connectors and terminal strips are high-quality safety components and are used in electrical devices, in electronics, and in electrical installations. Strong and faultless connections of contacts ensure trouble-free fit and safe current flow. Bonding of contacts by means of ultrasonic technology is a method that allows for connection of different types of materials.

  • Electrical devices

    In addition to housing and display components, it is possible to include electronic components by means of welding or staking. Ultrasonic welding technology allows direct feeding of energy into the joining zone. It’s only possible during the actual welding process and it ensures secure joints of carrier plates and housings. This method avoids putting sensitive electronic parts at risk.

  • Sensors, switches

    In all areas of automation, optical, inductive, and capacitive sensors are used for millions of applications. Ultrasonic welding fulfills the requirements for perfect surface finish, scratch-free display plates, tightness and reliable function of electronic components.

  • computer peripheral

    Computer consumable such as U disk, mobile hard disk, speakers, headset, wristbands, USB hub are huger demands in market.And ultrasonic welding machine can improve its productivity and reduce its defect rate.

  • communication consumable

    Telephone, fax machines, radios, mobile phones belong to communication consumable,whose shells and inner parts are using ultrasonic plastic welding machine in welding production that save labor cost and improve productivity and high welding effect.

  • printer consumble

    As the core components,toner cartridges and printer have its high-quality requirements. sealing and precision of the products can not be a little negligence.What's more, make sure that its internal is in cleanliness. Ultrasonic plastic welding can achieve high standards of production of printing supplies!

  • Electronic appliances are seen everywhere in daily life. in the process of
    production, the safety of the integration of electrical and electronic com-ponents must be guranteed and secondary damage can be avoided.Ul-trasonic welding can meet the requirements of high standard of production,
    and greatly improves the production efficiency.

  • Leisure, garden

    Requirements for household appliances apply even more to machines and devices used under outdoor conditions. Typical applications for ultrasonic welding are housings for electrical gardening devices, functional components or lamination of weatherproof roof lining membranes.

  • Household

    Household appliances are robust and reliable devices used on a daily basis. Therefore, safe integration of electrical and electronic components is a prerequisite. Ultrasonic welding is an eminently suitable joining technology for household appliances with their complex geometries, such as electric irons or operating panels.

  • Functional components

    Complete functionality, without restriction, of integrated functional elements is ensured in ultrasonic welding of such components. What is more, 100% control and documentation of weld process parameters is guaranteed. Using ultrasonics it is also possible to simultaneously punch and weld membranes functioning as pressure balancing element (DAE).

  • Exterior / lights

    Strength, tightness, and dimensional accuracy but also scratch- and mark-free appearance are typical requirements. Ultrasonic welding is a low-stress process for components and makes complex component geometries possible.

  • Engine compartment

    Tightness, pressure and burst resistance, and unrestricted functionality: ultrasonic welding fulfills these requirements for vehicle components in the engine compartment. In filters, the filter material must be reliably embedded and the weld must be resistant to both heat and cold.

  • PET

    On PET applications in particular, ultrasonics quickly reaches the high melting point and therefore results in an increase in production output. Sealing and separating blister packs is easily possible, also integration of tear out sections and tamper-evident seals.

  • Drink packaging

    Ultrasonic welding is very well suited for coated carton packaging material. Despite wetting with filled products, tight seals are ensured with or without aluminum barrier. Integration of spouts is easily possible. High output due to short sealing times. Repeatable parameters ensure consistently high sealing quality.

  • Film packaging

    With ultrasonics it is possible to safely push product residues out of the seal area, which ensures absolutely tight sealing. This significantly reduces the number of leaking packaging and shelf life of the products in the supermarkets is increased. Ultrasonics provides this advantage for stand-up pouches, chained bags and bags, both at longitudinal and transverse joints, in intermittent and continuous applications

  • Femcare

    Topsheet and acquisition distribution layer are joined at high speeds. Due to targeted energy input on ultrasonic weld spots optimum wear comfort is achieved. Ultrasonics guarantees high strength and simultaneous soft feel, also for fixation of sanitary napkin wings or finishing of textile edges.

  • Cosmetics and personal care products

    Shape-welding is required i.e. for single-use hand mittens in different variations. The product remains soft and smooth without rough edges and at the same time maximum layer adhesion is guaranteed. Cutting with ultrasonics is fiber-free and results in clean, distinctive cuts. Moreover, soft surfaces are not damaged during ultrasonic embossing. More on this application

  • Baby hygiene

    Producing diapers without any solvent-containing adhesives has become a tangible dream! By now, it is possible to perform every single manufacturing step for production of diapers using ultrasonics. All ultrasonic processing steps for production of diapers have in common that the resulting hand feel is very good and tightness of the diaper is ensured.

  • Office

    Print cartridges or writing utensils are consumer products which are produced in large quantities. Ultrasonic welding is a cost-effective and fast joining technology ensuring tightness and reliable function of the products.

  • Toys

    In order to comply with rigorous safety standards for toys, strong and reliable connections are indispensable. To prevent injury hazards, the requirements for good feel must be met.
    Ultrasonic welding ensures flawless and temperature-resistant connections without the use of adhesives.

  • surgical instruments cleaning

    Surgical instruments in addition to the conventional surgical instruments, there are some other specialized instruments used in orthopedics, plastic surgery, brain surgery,general surgery, and so on.It is high standard cleaning and disinfection to surgical instruments when before and after operation. Ultrasonic cleaning equipment greatly improve the work efficiency and the cleaning effect.

  • daily supplies cleaning

    Because of long time wear jewelry, glasses not only lose luster also contains a lot of
    bacteria.Ultrasonic cleaning effect on the liquid, where in each bubble burst will pr-
    oduce a great shock waves of energy, is equal to the moment of high temperature
    and up to thousands of atmospheric pressure.Shock wave can clean and wash the
    workpiece inside and outside surface, thus it has excellent cleaning effect and does
    not hurt the product itself.

  • Precision hardware cleaning

    It is especially high precise requirement to precise hardware in metal processing precision hardware categories, including precision plastic hardware, precision stamping hardware, precision turning, hardware, etc., So it is relatively high antipollution and dustproof requirements.General tool cleaning takes bad effect, but ultrasonic cleaning machine greatly increase the efficiency to save the cost.


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